Anderson ruffles KFC's feathers

New York -- Pamela Anderson wants to meet with the chief executive officer of Kentucky Fried Chicken's parent company to discuss what she calls "reasonable, positive changes for KFC's chickens."

The former star of "Baywatch" and "V.I.P." faxed a letter Monday to David Novak of Yum! Brands Inc., asking to talk about animal-welfare guidelines that People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals is recommending.

Anderson, a spokeswoman for the animal-rights group, called for a boycott of the fast-food chain a few weeks ago. NAACP President Kweisi Mfume and Paul McCartney also have joined the PETA-led criticism of the company.

"I must admit from the outset that I can't understand why a company that claims to care about animal welfare would continue to allow chickens to be bred and drugged to be so top-heavy that they can barely walk ... and to be scalded to death or drowned in feather-removal tanks," she wrote in the letter, which PETA released.


New York -- Britney Spears hasn't exactly been shy lately. She's appeared topless on the cover of Rolling Stone and British Elle magazines and bottomless on the cover of Esquire.

But after taking it all off for the suggestive pictures, the 21-year-old pop star says she plans to put it all back on -- at least for now.

"I did feel kind of weird after those photos," Spears tells Newsweek magazine for its Nov. 3 issue, referring to the Esquire cover on which she wears nothing but a white sweater and high heels.

"I was in a moment. I had, like, eight Red Bulls and said, 'OK, let's do it.' I learned my lesson, and you won't see me like that for a while."

Shop Jimmy Dean

Richmond, Va. -- Legendary singer and sausage king Jimmy Dean had a yard sale to unload stuff he no longer needs -- but he slept through it.

His wife, Donna Meade Dean, played host for the event Saturday at a historic Richmond-area home the couple owns while her husband slept in.

Prices ranged from $100 for a framed photo of Dean with Elvis Presley to $1 for a "Jimmy Dean for Coroner" cap.

The Deans recently sold their condominium in Dallas and their 141-foot motor yacht, "Big Bad John." When they got sick of storing and lugging their extra stuff around, they decided to have the yard sale.

All morning, people milled around tables, perusing items that included Donna's worn flip-flops and plastic curlers.

Teaming up with Tommy

David Bowie and his wife, Iman, have inked a deal with fashion designer Tommy Hilfiger for the rock icon and supermodel to appear in their first ad campaign together, reports Billboard Online.

The campaign will be for the new H Hilfiger line, to be launched in spring 2004. The line will represent the Hilfiger "high-end" collection, sources said.

The ad campaign with Bowie and Iman will be featured in American men's and women's magazines in April 2004.


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