The Dance

Scary story contest entry

Cutting through the graveyard on the way home after the school dance, Mya, Lynn and Jai stopped short.

"Was that a coyote?" asked Lynn, who was somewhat of a worry-wart.

"Most likely," said Jai smartly.

"Come on. Let's just go," said Mya. She was still had at her mother for making her go to the dance with Lynn and Jai. They were so annoying.

"Yeah," agreed Lynn, "this place is giving me the creeps." Suddenly they heard Jai scream.

"Jai?" said Mya, "Jai, where are you?" There was no answer. Mya walked over to where she had heard the scream. She could faintly see the outline of Jai's body. Remembering that he had a flashlight, she reached into his pocket.

"Come here, Lynn!" she yelled. There was no answer. Mya imagined her shivering next to a tree, too scared to move. Mya shined the light on Jai. She refused to believe he was dead. She didn't know what happened...somewhere nearby a coyote howled. She had the feeling the Lynn was no longer there. Something was approaching her from behind...

And then she woke up.

"Get up, Mya," her mom called. "Tonight is the big dance!"

Ashley Hout is a seventh grader at Central Junior High School


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