The dance partner

Scary story contest entry

Tuesday, October 28, 2003

Cutting through the graveyard on the way home fro the school dance, my friends Maggie and Leah were talking to me. Maggie, who was boy crazy, was telling us about a boy she was dancing with.

"He wsa tall and cute and a little older than me," she explained. "He also had brown hair and really cool old-fashioned clothes. He said his name was John Hemmingway. The funny thing was he had very cold hands."

"Did he ask you out?" asked Leah eagerly.

"Yes," answered Magie in a small voice. "He said he would meet me by the river on the next full moon."

"I think you should go!" I said. "That's what I'm trying to decide," said Maggie slowly. Just then I tripped over a small gray mossy gravestone. Leah helped me up.

"Maggie, what's the matter?" she asked, alarmed because Maggie had turned pale. She pointed at the gravestone I had just tripped over. I read it, horrified.

John Hemmingway


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Rosie O'Brien is a fourth-grade student at Lawrence Catholic School