The Story of the Graveyard Devil

Scary story contest entry

Tuesday, October 28, 2003

Cutting through the graveyard, on the way home after a school dance, with my friends. We were on the way to a sleep over at Sarah's house. I had brought one beer for everyone. It was only one beer so I know no one was drunk. After we had goofed off a little bit we started to walk. As we went by a small ran down church all five of us held hands cause are boyfriends had said that the devil comes there every Halloween. The bad thing about it was that it was Halloween and it was midnight. Jessica had turned and saw a red glowing. She stopped in her tracts. We all turned and saw a bright red thing, with long horns, huge fangs and a big red pitch fork, coming out of the church. We tried and turn to ran but we were scared stiff.

Something had finally come over me; I had started screaming my head off. We all ran but Jamie. One of her legs was stuck in a hole. We just couldn't leave her so Jessica, Sarah, and I ran back. Amanda kept on running, I wouldn't doubt it, and if I were pregnant and due in a mouth I wouldn't stay around. The thing was coming closer and closer to us. We finally got Jamie out of the hole but it was too late. We were finally face to face with it. We could feel it breath on us. I told them not to look up but Sarah did. It snatched her up and ran. After we saw it go back inside we ran, shaking and crying at the same time. We finally ended up at D.J's house. We never spoke about it again.