Slot machines honor timeless 'SNL' sketches

— Dan Aykroyd used to joke with bandleader Paul Shaffer that one day they'd end up in Las Vegas.

For Aykroyd, it's a reality -- sort of.

"If your work means something and you do it long enough, whether you're dead or alive, you end up on a slot machine," Aykroyd joked at a party Wednesday for a new line of "Saturday Night Live" slot machines.

The 51-year-old actor-comedian was one of the original cast members on the long-running NBC show.

The party at the Palms hotel-casino introduced five "SNL"-themed machines: "Church Lady," "Coneheads," "The Blues Brothers," "Pumping Up With Hans and Franz" and "Saturday Night Frenzy."

The "Saturday Night Live" band, led by current bandleader Lenny Pickett, also performed for a crowd of about 1,000 gambling and entertainment professionals. It was the band's first appearance in Las Vegas.

"I think it's amazing," said "SNL" alum Kevin Nealon, who appears on the "Hans and Franz" machine. "I think NBC's doing the right thing. We need more gamblers watching 'Saturday Night Live."'

"Saturday Night Live" begins its new season Oct. 4.


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