Adrenalan: Halo, Counter-Strike fans' dream

Local gaming center makes LAN gaming cheap, easy

Monday, September 29, 2003

Have you ever wanted to play Halo versus 15 other players but don't have enough Xboxes? Ever wanted to play Counter-Strike versus others in the city but can't find the right server? The wait is over. Adrenalan is here.

Located at 833 Ohio, closer to the 9th and Ohio intersection, Adrenalan is the first gaming center of its kind in Lawrence. They boast four 57" Sony HDTV's for up to 16-player Xbox games and 12 powerful networked PCs in two separate rooms for team play.


Owners Doug Herbers and Tim Newman saw a gaping hole in the Lawrence gaming community that could be filled with Adrenalan.

"There's nothing like us in town," Newman said. "There are places in Kansas City, but not as nice or welcoming."

Even outside of Halo and Counter-Strike, there are many other games that are popular like Warcraft 3, Battlefield 1942 and even Tecmo Superbowl on the original Nintendo.

"We host tournaments every month and have a special game night every week," Herbers said. In October, Tuesday is the newly-added Halo night, Wednesday is Counter-Strike night and Thursday is Battlefield 1942 night.


Outside the first person shooter genre, Adrenalan hosts other tournaments such as their Soul Calibur 2 tournament coming up on October 11.

A list of prices including rates per hour and membership discounts may be found on their website along with upcoming tournaments and prizes.