Review: Billy Hatcher - Gamecube

Sonic Team returns with an innovative creation that pleases quick but may run dry for some

Sega's Sonic Team has had its up and downs over the past few years. I say downs because it's hard to keep creativity generating by putting out Sonic rehash after Sonic rehash and not put out something truly new. They finally get back to innovation with Billy Hatcher and his eggs. What results is a refreshing diversion from the normal platformer with the heart and soul of a Sonic game.


You are Billy Hatcher. You roll eggs around, running them over monsterlings on the search for food to feed the egg so it can hatch at the proper time. There are plenty of eggs to go around, which is vital since Billy's only mode of attack is with an egg. In the eggs are different rewards for different objectives, etc. There are several puzzles and missions to complete to give a good balance between puzzle solving and action.

All the worlds look bright, but different, keeping the aesthetics interesting. The graphics are clean and solid but don't take advantage of the Gamecube. The gameplay doesn't advance too much and can get slightly boring at times and tedious if you lose an egg and have to backtrack to get the correct egg for a certain job.

Multiplayer is a bit of a surprise. The deathmatch mode is great for four players. You grow eggs and kill with eggs. Sounds ridiculous but is more fun than you'd think.

The camera can be troublesome at times, but Sonic Team has come a long way since Sonic Adventure.

Don't let the childish image fend you off. Billy Hatcher is one to at least rent to try.

Graphics: B
Sound: B
Gameplay: B
Replay: B
Overall: 84% B


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