No spinoff hopes for 'CSI' star

— "CSI" already has one spinoff in Miami, and there's another one planned for New York. But we won't be seeing "CSI: The Morgue" anytime soon.

"People aren't looking for 55-year-old middle-aged bald guys to star in TV shows," CSI coroner Robert David Hall told AP Radio.

Would he like to appear on any of the spinoffs?

"I'm proud to be on the original one. The chemistry on our show is real good. I think there's a different stamp on each one. We're nighttime. We're Vegas. There's a particular thread running through ours. They do well, we do 10 million viewers better," he laughed.

Hall was in Washington to meet with real-life forensics experts at a technology fair, and he hosted a reception where he lobbied congressmen and senators for more money.

"We'd like to see more of the high-tech stuff you see on TV spread around the country," Hall said. "We have everything. All of the makers of all of this wonderful high-tech gear make sure that we get it, but we're one thing. The real crime labs are another."

Hall, who uses two prosthetic legs as a result of a car crash 25 years ago, also met with disabled Iraq veterans at Walter Reed Medical Center.

"I have to strap on two artificial legs every single day. I was on the track team in college I remember what it's like to run and jump," he said. "I think you do the best you can with the hand you're dealt."


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