Morissette skewers censors

Edmonton, Alberta -- Canadian rocker Alanis Morissette didn't bare her breast like Janet Jackson did, but she did bare her soul Sunday night, demonstrating her disdain for what she called "hypocritical U.S. censorship."

At the 2004 Juno Awards, Canada's version of the Grammys, Morissette disrobed onstage to reveal a skin-colored body suit with nipples and pubic hair.

Morissette was then told by the show's assistant director that "actually, we can't show nipples or pubic hair on national TV," at which time the Ottawa-born singer pulled off the fake body parts.

The satirical act, Morissette said, was aimed at U.S. government institutions for overreacting after Janet Jackson's Super Bowl "wardrobe malfunction."

Basinger sheds some bling

New York -- Kim Basinger is ridding herself of Alec Baldwin's tokens of affection. The Oscar-winning actress ("L.A. Confidential") wants to sell some of the jewelry her ex-husband gave her during their nine-year marriage.

The collection, to be auctioned by Christie's, includes a Tiffany engagement ring, valued at $40,000, and a gold necklace chain that consists of diamond butterflies accented with citrine and aquamarine, valued at $8,000 to $10,000.

Proceeds will benefit the Performing Animal Welfare Society, which helps abused and abandoned animals.

Mysteries take new twist

London -- Enthusiasts of mystery fiction will have the chance to play detective when some of Agatha Christie's classic books are brought to interactive life in computer games.

Five computer games based on the author's novels will be developed by Chorion, an intellectual property group that already looks after Christie's works, over the next six years.

"My grandmother was always very keen on using new ways to reach people who wanted to enjoy her work," Christie's grandson, Matthew Prichard, said. "Adapting her stories into PC games allows us to introduce classic mysteries to whole new audiences and keep them relevant into the decades to come."

Beckham affair rumored

London -- Reports that David Beckham had an affair with a former personal assistant were splashed across British newspapers Monday.

A media frenzy was sparked by a Sunday newspaper report that the soccer star had a sexual relationship with Rebecca Loos in Madrid between September and December while his pop star wife, Victoria, was in England.

Beckham issued a statement Sunday describing the story as "ludicrous" but stopping short of denying the allegations.

Rumors about the state of the Beckhams' marriage have abounded since he moved to Real Madrid last summer from Manchester United. Victoria Beckham -- formerly Posh Spice of the Spice Girls -- has declined to move full-time to Spain as she tries to rekindle her pop career.


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