Behind the lens

Thinking outside bar box leads to more original shot

Photographer: Richard Gwin

Camera: Nikon D1H

Lens: 17mm to 35mm, wide angle lens

ISO: 1,000

Aperture: f4

Shutter: 1/200

When the Jayhawks enter the final legs of the NCAA tournament, we try to localize some of the stories.

Most of the time, those stories revolve around young people in bars, watching big-screen TVs. I'm always trying to find something different.

In the past, we've shot older people reminiscing, and this jogged my memory. The Kansas University men's basketball game against Georgia Tech happened to be during daylight hours, and I remembered that at Drury Place at Alvamar there was a big room where residents gathered to watch games.

When I arrived, I found 16 residents hooping and hollering for the Jayhawks. It turned out to be a great place to record the event. It didn't take long for them to forget I was there, making the pictures much better. I climbed atop a small ladder, left the frame of the TV in the viewfinder and captured a lineup of residents showing their support for the team.

The picture was simple and told the story.

- "Behind the Lens" is an ongoing weekly series that features an image selected by the Journal-World photo staff that previously ran in the newspaper or online. Wondering how a certain picture was created? Nominate it for "Behind the Lens" by contacting chief photographer Mike Yoder at 832-7141 or


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