'Simpsons' creator has cameo

Los Angeles -- "Simpsons" creator Matt Groening will make his first guest voice appearance on Sunday's show.

Though Groening's image has appeared on "Simpsons," including a framed photo on the wall of Comic Book Guy's store, this is his first speaking role on Fox's animated hit, in its 17th season.

In "My Big Fat Geek Wedding," Principal Skinner gets cold feet before his pending marriage, so fiancee Edna Krabappel calls it off.

She rebounds into the arms of Comic Book Guy, who whisks her off to a sci-fi convention. There, they run into Groening -- as himself -- signing autographs.

Lil' Kim charged with perjury

New York -- Hip-hop artist Lil' Kim was charged Wednesday with lying to a grand jury investigating a 2001 shootout involving members of her entourage outside a Manhattan radio station. Kim (real name Kimberly Jones) could face a maximum prison term of 45 years.

A video showed Kim standing on the street during the shootout and then jumping into a stretch limo with people suspected in the incident.

Prosecutors said Jones refused on the day after the shooting to tell police the identities of anyone who had accompanied her to an appearance at the radio station.

On three occasions last year before a federal grand jury, she testified falsely about two people involved in the shootout, saying that one man, her manager Damion Butler, was not present and that she did not know another, bodyguard Suif Jackson, prosecutors said.

Dick Clark has diabetes

Los Angeles -- Dick Clark, renowned as "America's oldest teenager," has diabetes.

Clark, 74, has had type 2 diabetes, formerly called adult-onset diabetes, since 1994, but kept it a secret from everyone except close friends and family, according to the Ogilvy public relations firm, which is promoting his new role as a spokesman for the American Association of Diabetes Educators and the pharmaceutical maker Merck & Co.

Clark is working with the firms to launch "Diabetes: Know the Heart Part," a national public education campaign to alert Americans to the link between diabetes and heart attack and stroke.

Scam has Reba's name on it

Lancaster, Calif. -- A woman accused of posing as a manager for country singer Reba McEntire was charged with persuading two people to lend her more than $3,000 under false pretenses.

Michelle Greene-Egberts, 38, allegedly posed as McEntire's tour manager and convinced an elderly man she could get him a job with McEntire's entourage.

In another case, Greene-Egberts, also known as Mikki Nelson, allegedly persuaded a woman to send her $1,100 by saying she was stranded in Nevada.

Greene-Egberts was arrested Saturday after the 77-year-old Lancaster man called police when Greene-Egberts never showed up with McEntire's tour bus as promised, according to sheriff's deputies. The man had quit his job as a community services assistant in the Lancaster sheriff's station after telling staffers he was going to work for McEntire.


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