Trump proposes to girlfriend

New York -- There's a new member of Donald Trump's "A-Team."

Model Melania Knauss became engaged this week to the billionaire developer, Trump spokesman Norma Foerderer said Thursday.

Trump gave the 33-year-old Slovenian native a diamond engagement ring on Monday. Knauss wore the ring to a party that night at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, although it went unnoticed by the hundreds of guests.

Trump, 57, has lived with Knauss in his Trump Tower home for the past five years.

His first two marriages ended in very public divorces: the first from wife Ivana after nearly 15 years, the second from Marla Maples after less than six years.

Sizemore takes on Charlie Hustle

Bristol, Conn. -- Tom Sizemore will play Pete Rose in the upcoming made-for-television movie "Hustle."

Directed by Peter Bogdanovich, "Hustle" will depict Rose's downfall during the 1980s when a penchant for gambling destroyed his career and tarnished his legacy. Production begins in May and the movie airs Sept. 25 on ESPN.

Sizemore's big break came in Oliver Stone's 1989 film "Born on the Fourth of July." Since then the 42-year-old actor has appeared in films including "Heat," "Saving Private Ryan," "Pearl Harbor" and "Black Hawk Down."

DeGeneres hangs up microphone

Burbank, Calif. -- Ellen DeGeneres swears she's not going to do another standup tour.

"My last tour really was my last tour. I didn't make an announcement like Cher did. But it was my last tour. So I won't be doing standup anymore," the 46-year-old comedian told AP Radio recently. "That 'Here and Now' DVD that's out is my last HBO special and last tour."

DeGeneres said it took too long to write standup and rehearse it, and she prefered to focus on her syndicated talk show, "The Ellen DeGeneres Show."

But DeGeneres still plans to travel. She'll head to the zoo in Omaha, Neb., next month to fulfill a lifelong dream -- playing with a baby gorilla.

Iran approves 'Passion' film

Tehran, Iran -- Iran's censors have approved the screening of Mel Gibson's "The Passion of the Christ" in the Persian state's movie theaters, the official news agency reported Wednesday.

A committee of clerics and officials within Iran's Islamic Cultural and Guidance Ministry unanimously decided Tuesday to let the film be played in its entirety, with Persian language subtitles, the agency said.

Iran, a predominantly Shiite Muslim state, is allowing the screening of the film despite strong Islamic objections, particularly from Sunni Muslims, to the depiction of religious prophets in any form.

Egypt, United Arab Emirates, Jordan and several other Islamic countries already have approved the screening of Gibson's film.


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