New Year's Eve offers musical opportunities

Even though Dick Clark will be ringing in the New Year from a hospital bed instead of hosting his traditional "Rockin' Eve," that doesn't mean the rest of the country should avoid locating a musical backdrop for the evening.

As one would expect from cities so synonymous with live music, Lawrence and Kansas City have plenty of goings-on going on. Bands will be jamming, DJs will be spinning, drinks will be flowing and hangovers will be incubating.

So venture out and enjoy the tunes. The weather isn't even going to be all that horrible.

Arthur Dodge and the Horsefeathers ($5), 10 p.m., Louise's Bar Downtown, 1009 Mass.

Dodge's New Year's Eve show at Louise's Downtown shouldn't be too much different than any of the prolific songwriter's other recent engagements. Onlookers can expect a long and cathartic set of whiskey-soaked ballads and Springsteen-inspired rock, delivered with gutsy chops and booze-soaked harmonies.

Split Lip Rayfield, Drakkar Sauna, Black Ale Sinners ($14), 10 p.m.,

The Bottleneck, 737 N.H.

Hillbilly hardcore, post-punk progressive bluegrass, Appalachian Black Sabbath -- whatever you call what Split Lip plays, fact is there should be nary a Kansan that doesn't take pride in this, the quintessential Kansas band. The foursome plays traditional bluegrass instruments (excepting a one-string upright bass fashioned from a gas tank) with fury to whip the whole crowd into a sweaty frenzy.

Old Canes, Minus Story, Patrick Clendenin ($TBA), 10 p.m., The Jackpot Saloon, 943 Mass.

Appleseed Cast frontman Chris Crisci indulged his softer, more exotic side with Old Canes' debut album of said name, which told literate tales of love gone awry set to an assortment of acoustic guitars, toy pianos and bells. Openers Minus Story channel the choicest chunks of Neutral Milk Hotel, John Vanderslice and Modest Mouse into their pawn-shop indie rock palette, while Patrick Clendenin may be the lost lovechild of Donovan and Neil Diamond with his sweeter-than-sugar folk pop.


Thad Allender/Journal-World Photo

Minus Story Singer Jordan Geiger holds a note during a show at The Replay Lounge. The indie rock act will perform with Old Canes and Patrick Clendenin on New Year's Eve at The Jackpot Saloon.

Majestics Rhythm Revue ($6), 10 p.m., The Jazzhaus, 926 1/2 Mass.

Led by the lovely siren Courtney Smith, Lawrence's MRR blends funk, jazz, blues and rock into an infectious, dance-worthy mix.

Stayin Alive in 2005 with DJ Konsept and DJ Cruz ($10), 9 p.m., The Granada, 1020 Mass.

Spinning everything from dancehall, to Lil Jon, to SoundsGood, to Metallica, to Snoop, to Coil, to Archetype, to salsa, to Prince and beyond.

DJ's Senor Ozgood and Cheo ($5), 10 p.m, Eighth Street Tap Room, 801 N.H.

Urban world music.

Big Banned Jazz ($TBA), 10 p.m., The Gaslight Tavern, 317 N. Second St.

Jam-oriented jazz.

DJ Nick Reddell ($TBA), 10 p.m., Abe & Jake's Landing, 8 E. Sixth St.

Dance, pop, Top 40.

The Pornhuskers, Shots Fired, National Fire Theory ($12), 9 p.m., The Hurricane, 4048 Broadway St., Kansas City, Mo.

Expect lots of loud guitars, screaming vocals and nudity when dealing with The Pornhuskers -- a loose collective comprised of some well-known veterans of the indie rock scene in Kansas City.


Submitted photo

Majestics Rhythm Revue.

Rex Hobart and the Misery Boys, Outlaw Jim and the Whiskey Benders ($TBA), 10 p.m., Davey's Uptown, 3402 Main St., Kansas City, Mo.

The ever-reliable Scott "Rex" Hobart pulls the Bloodshot Records band together for another evening of straight-up honky-tonk direct from the Buck Owens songbook.

Pomeroy ($25), 10 p.m., Lucky Brewgrille, 5401 Johnson Drive, Mission.

Kansas City's rock/hip-hop hybrid is back in Kansas after a summer jaunt to Afghanistan, where the band entertained the troops as part of a USO-sponsored tour.

The Life and Times, In the Pines ($TBA), 10 p.m., The Brick, 1727 McGee St., Kansas City, Mo.

Indie rock.

The Escape, An Anonymous Project, Sooner or Later, Aurora ($5), 8 p.m., Main Street Cafe, 3953 Walnut Ave., Kansas City, Mo.

Indie rock/hip-hop.

Dan Doran Band ($TBA), 10 p.m., The Phoenix, 302 W. Eighth St., Kansas City, Mo.

Variety quartet featuring keyboardist/vocalist Dan Doran.

Miguiel Deleon and DJ Keiko ($20), 8 p.m., Grand Emporium, 3832 Main St., Kansas City, Mo.

Dance, electronic.


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