Nintendo thwarts "No new console" story

The gaming giant dispels a news report released yesterday.

The collective heart of the video game world skipped a beat yesterday as a Japanese publication released a story claiming that Nintendo will not release a new console to compete with the other new systems. The bad journalism was thwarted today in this Nintendo official statement -


"Contrary to what has been reported in one Japanese publication, Nintendo is staying in the console hardware business and still plans to launch our next home console in the same timeframe as our competitors. In addition, we are working on a number of complementary technical advances that we believe may significantly enhance the gaming experience. We also continue to look for exciting ways to extend the value of the Nintendo GameCube, and will share those ideas with you in the coming months.

Specific details about other accessories or systems and their functionalities haven't yet been made public. However, we will make further information about our next console available in the near future, and we look forward to further demonstrating our record of breakthrough innovation in video game play."

We can all take a deep breath and look forward to more from the Big N.


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