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Only two movies open in area theaters this weekend, and that's because studios don't want to go up against Adam Sandler's latest flick, "50 First Dates." The comedian stars as a man trying to woo a girl played by Drew Barrymore whose recent head injury affects her short-term memory, thus causing her to forget the events of each new day. While the central romance is genuinely charming, the rest of the film has been incongruously Sandlerized with gross-out humor, uneven sight gags and Rob Schneider.

Also opening is "The Triplets of Belleville," an Oscar-nominee for Best Animated Feature that is expected to give "Finding Nemo" some stiff competition. The bizarre production follows a Tour de France champion who is kidnapped. This inspires his grandmother and dog, who areaided by a trio of vaudeville singers, to follow in pursuit. Don't expect any Disney-like sentimentalism from this audacious effort.

I'm Jon Niccum with Screen Scene.


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