'Sex' sings swan song

Cast wins SAG award

— "Sex and the City" fans kicked off their Manolo Blahnik shoes and sipped Cosmopolitans on Sunday night as they said so long to their favorite cable TV gals.

At house parties around city, some devotees of the HBO hit wondered how they would fill the Sunday night void left by the exit of Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda.

"Now we actually have to do something on Sundays," said Boris Tiskun, 30, of Chelsea, including his wife. "I guess we'll have more sex in the city."

The show called it quits after six seasons, six Emmy awards and eight Golden Globes. As Sunday night's finale aired, the cast won the Screen Actors Guild award for Best Ensemble in a Comedy.

The final episode tied up most of the loose ends:

  • Carrie leaves the Russian artist in Paris for New York and Mr. Big, who tells her, "Carrie, you're the one."
  • Charlotte and her husband likely get their wish to adopt a child.
  • Miranda finds a deeper meaning of love and that life in Brooklyn isn't so bad.
  • Samantha beats cancer, gets her libido back and tells her boyfriend, "You mean more to me than any man I've ever known."

"I thought it was great," said Kelly Fitzgerald, 40, a Manhattan public relations consultant, as she drank Cosmopolitans with pals at her pad. "It's still open-ended for Carrie."

Even before the episode aired, die-hards were crying in their martinis.

"It's been an essential part of my adulthood," Maiysha Simpson, a twentysomething fashion model, said of the show as she threw a "Sex and the City" bash Sunday night at her Chelsea loft. "It's been like a bit of therapy."


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