6News video: Screen Scene

I'm Jon Niccum, entertainment editor of the Journal-World.

Five new movies open in area theaters today, and none are more memorable than "Big Fish." Visionary director Tim Burton concocts a colorful fable about a son trying to reconcile with his larger-than-life father, whose been characterized by his penchant for telling tall tales.

Then there is "Chasing Liberty," which finds pop singer Mandy Moore portraying the president's daughter, who tries to ditch her Secret Service escort for a little time out with the boys.

Also opening in the multiplexes is the comedy "My Baby's Daddy," about three friends who are forced to grow up when their girlfriends all give birth.

At the art house is "21 Grams," a stark actor's ensemble starring Naomi Watts, Benicio Del Toro and Sean Penn about three lives connected by tragedy.

And finally there is the future cult film "Bubba Ho-Tep," which reveals how Elvis Presley is still alive but trapped in a Texas nursing home, where he hooks up with a patient who thinks he's JFK to do battle with an ancient mummy.

I'm Jon Niccum with Screen Scene and I've left the building.


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