'Survivor' all-stars revealed

— Get ready to welcome Rudy, Richard, Tina and other favorite "Survivor" castaways for a rematch on the upcoming "Survivor: All-Stars" competition.

The chosen 18, representing all seven of CBS' past "Survivor" seasons, were announced Monday during the network's "Early Show." They face off when the hit reality-challenge series returns for its new edition after the Super Bowl telecast Feb. 1.

The contestants:

  • Richard Hatch, winner of the original "Survivor: Pulau Tiga," along with Rudy Boesch, Sue Hawk and Jenna Lewis.
  • Tina Wesson, winner of "Survivor: The Australian Outback," as well as her runner-up, Colby Donaldson, and Amber Brkich, Jerri Manthey and Alicia Calaway.
  • Ethan Zohn, winner of "Survivor: Africa," plus Lex van den Berghe and Tom Buchanan.
  • From "Survivor: Marquesas," Kathy Vavrick-O'Brien and Rob Mariano.
  • From "Survivor: Thailand," Shii Ann Huang.
  • Jenna Morasca, winner of "Survivor: The Amazon," and Rob Cesternino.
  • Rupert Boneham, from "Survivor: Pearl Islands."

Breaking with tradition, the 18 contestants will be broken into three tribes, not the usual two.

For "Survivor" handicappers, the list offered little surprise. Indeed, the roster had been posted for weeks on at least one fan Web site.

"Survivor: All-Stars" will represent another return: to the Pearl Islands off Panama, where the most recent "Survivor" was set.


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