Actor reported missing

New York -- Acclaimed actor-writer Spalding Gray, who has battled depression since a 2001 car crash, was missing Tuesday after disappearing from his Manhattan home over the weekend, police said.

Police in New York City and Long Island had joined in the search for the 62-year-old actor, who is noted for his one-man shows in which he tells of his life in artful, witty monologues.

Gray keeps homes in New York City and in the Hamptons.

Police confirmed that neither Gray nor his wife, Kathleen Russo, had visited their Long Island home since Christmas, said Southampton police Lt. William Armstrong.

His wife reported Gray missing over the weekend. Police also were checking a report that Gray may have been planning a ski trip to Colorado.

A head-on car crash during a 2001 vacation in Ireland left Gray disheartened and in poor health, and he tried jumping from a bridge near his Long Island home in October 2002.

Nugent cut by chainsaw

Detroit -- Ted Nugent was injured on the Texas set of his reality show when a chainsaw cut through his leg.

The outspoken rocker, outdoors enthusiast and star of the VH1 series "Surviving Nugent: The Ted Commandments," required 40 stitches to close the gash in his leg on Sunday, Michelle Clark, a spokeswoman for the cable music channel, said Tuesday.

Nugent didn't miss any time on the series, which is taping through Sunday and is scheduled to air in April. The 55-year-old rocker is wearing a brace on his leg.

Kutcher: No marriage plans

New York -- Ashton Kutcher says marriage to girlfriend Demi Moore isn't on the horizon any time soon.

"I don't have any plans for it," he told the syndicated TV program "Access Hollywood." "I can check the datebook, but last I looked, there wasn't anything in there like that." Portions of the interview aired Monday. Excerpts were released in advance.

Kutcher, 25, and Moore, 41, have been gossip-column fodder because of the difference in their ages.

The actor, who recently pulled out of his MTV prank show "Punk'd," said he wanted to take on new projects. "We're done," he said. "It was time to move on, it was time to do something different. I get bored easily, man, I've got to change it."

Cheers, Ozzy!

London -- Prince Charles has never been accused of being too aware of goings-on in the pop world.

According to "The Scoop," the heir to Britain's throne was nice enough to send his best wishes to Ozzy Osbourne, who's recovering from an all-terrain-vehicle accident. Along with the note, Charles sent Osbourne, who's a recovering alcoholic, a bottle of Scotch.

Ozzy's family didn't seem fazed, saying they were pleased with the gesture and that they'll make sure Ozzy doesn't touch the hooch.


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