Current prices

Current prices are recorded from antiques shows, flea markets, sales and auctions throughout the United States. Prices vary in different locations because of local economic conditions.

¢ Dr. Hess Udder Ointment tin, lithograph of tan cow, black-and-white ground, 7 oz., 4 x 1 1/2 inches, $45.

¢ Mallard duck bottle opener, metal, green head, yellow bill, Scott Products, 1970, 6 inches, $80.

¢ Walt Disney Pluto clock, plastic, bone as clock hands, eyes and tongue move, electric, 1950s, Allied, WDP, 9 inches, $95.

¢ Campbell's Kids girl candy container, composition, blue hat, red peacoat, yellow pants, open neck, Germany, 4 1/2 inches, $110.

¢ Warwick Pottery lemonade pitcher, Gibson Girl portrait, dark hair, holding purple flowers, pink ground, 9 3/4 inches, $265.

¢ Fishing lure, minnow, white with red stripes, glass eyes, silver propellers, 1910, 3 inches, $310.

¢ Carnival-glass compote, Strawberry Wreath pattern, ruffled edge, marigold, radium finish, $375.

¢ Appliqued quilt, Princess Feather pattern, red, yellow and light green, white border, framed all around with red squares, 1860, 74 x 88 inches, $400.

¢ Piano stool, mahogany and veneer, overupholstered top, brass beading on turned shaft, 3 scrolled brass inlaid legs, ball feet, 1825, 11 1/2 x 20 inches, $650.


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