EA acquires two high profile franchises

Acclaim, Eidos lose rights to Burnout 3 and Timesplitters 3, respectively

Electronic Arts picked up two high-profile titles to add to its dominating line-up yesterday.

Burnout 2, a critically acclaimed arcade racer championing wonderful crashes, was developed by Criterion but was published by Acclaim. There was no contract binding for Acclaim to publish Burnout 3, so EA jumped on the opportunity and signed Criterion for Burnout 3.

Similarly, Free Radical Design, creators of Timesplitters 2, a bafflingly popular first-person shooter, was partnered with publisher Eidos. No contract existed between the two for Timesplitters 3, so EA also jumped in to secure publishing rights with Free Radical.

This adds two very high-profile titles to EA's dominating line-up. With the new Bond title abandoning the first-person shooter genre, Timesplitters 3 should fill the gap nicely. Burnout 3 will be a great compliment to the wildly popular Need for speed franchise.

No specifics were given as to the time of release for either game.


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