What are you reading?

Kelli Beach, Kansas University senior, Lawrence
"I'm reading 'Hannibal.'"

Yvonne Daniels, K-Mart Distribution Center employee, Oskaloosa
"I always read Dean Koontz and People Magazine."

Caterina Benalcazar, barista, Lawrence
"I'm reading two things: 'The Unfinished Tales of Middle Earth' by J.R.R. Tolkien and 'Stitch 'N Bitch' by Debbie Stoller."

Dustin Jones, billboarder, Topeka
"I just started reading 'Fellowship of the Ring.'"

Carson Brackney, manager of Ace Sports and Tickets, Olathe
"'The Partly Cloudy Patriot.' It's a collection of essays by Sarah Vowell."


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