'N Sync back 'n the game

New York -- 'N Sync hasn't completely gone "Bye, Bye, Bye."

The boy-band pop group will perform together for the first time since the 2003 Grammy Awards as part of a benefit for their charity, the Challenge for the Children Foundation.

The event will be July 23-25 in Miami. The five 'N Sync members, including Justin Timberlake, will sing the national anthem before a charity basketball game.

Challenge for the Children Foundation was created by 'N Sync in 1999 to raise money for children's programs and charities throughout the country.

Much ado about privates

New York -- Colin Farrell isn't getting cocky about all the hype surrounding his edited-out nude scene in "A Home at the End of the World."

In the July 23 issue of Entertainment Weekly, Farrell, 28, speaks candidly about the full-frontal display. Despite published reports that the scene was cut because audiences were distracted by the magnitude of what they saw, Farrell said it wasn't anything to "write home about."

"I walk to a door and you see my ... and I walk out of the shot," Farrell said. "It's dark and it's three inches, uh, seconds long."

Farrell plays a bisexual baker who becomes embroiled in a love triangle with his childhood friend (Dallas Roberts) and his hat-making roommate (Robin Wright Penn).

Unfinished U2 CD pilfered

Nice, France -- An unfinished copy of U2's upcoming CD disappeared while the Irish rock band was posing for the album cover in a studio outside Nice.

About 20 people who were at Tuesday's photo shoot were questioned by police, who said Thursday it was unclear whether the CD's disappearance was accidental or theft.

In a posting on U2's Web site, guitarist The Edge said: "A large slice of two years' work lifted via a piece of round plastic. It doesn't seem credible but that's what's just happened to us ... and it was my CD."

The band recently completed much of the new album in Dublin, Ireland, and has been involved in post-production in France.

The CD is the first new studio album from U2 since 2000's "All That You Can't Leave Behind."

Prince toning it down a little

New York -- Prince is turning down his mojo.

"I have a responsibility to (young fans) to perform in a manner that I would like my children to be performed in front of," he says in an interview to air Tuesday on CBS News' "The Early Show."

Prince, who has written songs such as "Gett Off," "I Wanna Be Your Lover" and "Kiss," says he's moving away from the explicitly erotic lyrics of the past.

The 46-year-old singer-songwriter is listed as the No. 1 "greatest rock frontman" of all time, beating out Mick Jagger and Robert Plant, in the August issue of Spin magazine.

Prince earned a 10 out of 10 for sex appeal, in a vote of editors, and kudos for singing like an "oversexed elf."


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