Nintendo's Custom Robo - Customizer's Dream

TLC's Junkyard Mega-Wars guru finds tons of fun in Nintendo's newest

Every week on TLC's Junkyard Mega-Wars, I get to play host to two talented teams of engineers as they race to see who can turn everyday junk into the ultimate living, breathing machine. The winning team, of course, walks away with bragging rights, but what about those of us who have an itch to craft and customize, but aren't mechanically inclined? For that kind of craving, you should check out Custom Robo, a fast-paced, build-your-own robot fighting game on Nintendo GameCube. I had a chance to kill some time with the game with some buddies of mine, and let me tell you, it doesn't disappoint.


Custom Robo is all about competition. First, to see who can build the world's best fighting machine, and second, to see who can tough it out by triumphing over the other players in the arena. The decisions you make during the outfitting stage are crucial for your survival: you can go for strength over speed, pick an agile high-flying machine or a swift-runner on the ground. You have nearly 200 unique parts that can be crafted onto 30 different chassis at your disposal, so there's plenty of room to customize and experiment. The weapons you can select from include flamethrowers, area-impacting rockets, heat-seeking missiles, pretty much everything you'd want to outfit a well-oiled futuristic fighting machine. But as in real life, there are trade-offs for every part you pick and decision you make, but that just makes it all the more fun to try out different combinations of parts until you find the perfect arrangement that suits your style.

You earn extra parts by battling through the game's Story Mode, which serves as a good introduction to the usefulness of each new weapon or body type. I preferred the teamwork of two-on-two multiplayer action, but you can also play tag-team style or go for the frenzy of free-for-all mode (my recommendation: load up a heavily armored robo if you do!). Regardless of the mode you play in, the combat is close quarters and always intense. So if you're looking for your own opportunity to customize a machine and put it to the ultimate test, look no further than Nintendo's Custom Robo.



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