Controversial film on 9-11 ready for city screenings

Lawrence residents will have to wait -- though not for long -- for Michael Moore's controversial "Fahrenheit 9/11" to be shown in the city.

What's expected to be one of the hottest movies this summer opened this weekend across the nation, though not in Lawrence. The closest showings were in the Kansas City metropolitan area.

But Liberty Hall Cinema, 642 Mass., received a call Friday from the film distributor that "Fahrenheit 9/11" would be delivered for showing Wednesday, Liberty general manager Tim Griffith said.

Previously Liberty Hall wasn't expecting to get the film any sooner than a couple of weeks from now or even as late as July 23, Griffith said.

"I think what happened is they saw it was selling well everywhere and they were going to do more prints, but I'm just guessing," Griffith said.

Moore's latest movie documentary focuses criticism on President Bush and his handling of the war on terror and Iraq. Some have called the movie "Bush bashing."

Liberty Hall had been getting calls from people who were interested in seeing the movie since it was announced earlier that the movie would open nationwide on Friday.

"We've had tons of calls," Griffith said. "Now whether that will turn into ticket sales? Nothing is certain."

"Fahrenheit's" first showing at Liberty will be at 7:10 p.m. Wednesday. There probably will be two showings Wednesday and Thursday, and then a third showing might be added by Friday, Griffith said.


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