What are you reading?

Ed Browne, Kansas University graduate student, Lawrence

"I just finished Isaac Singer's 'Shosha,' and I started Truman Capote's 'Breakfast at Tiffany's.'"

Theresa Rademacker, KU graduate student, Lawrence

"I'm reading the new Harry Potter, and I just got done reading Alice Hoffman's 'The Probable Future.'"

Jamie Lambrecht, KU graduate student, Lawrence

"I just finished 'Daughter of Ireland.' It's set back in the 1600s."

Tyler Gatewood, KU sophomore, Overland Park

"The 'Ramayana.' It's for a class, but it's great."

John Bellassai, KU senior, Olathe

"I'm reading one called 'Skinny Legs and All.'"


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