Sacred Blues' style is all rock 'n' roll

— No rock 'n' roller would be complete without jeans, and the creators of the Sacred Blue brand say jeans aren't complete without a little rock 'n' roll.

"When real rock 'n' roll was coming up -- I'm talking about Zeppelin and The Ramones -- they (band members) were always wearing denim, and it was always worn denim. Sacred Denim wants to be that true denim, one of a kind, that fits to your body over time," says marketing director Tara Narayan.

Sacred Blue's jeans, which are produced one by one at a Los Angeles factory, were first introduced to the public at the Sundance Film Festival in January.

"Each jean is individually washed, and the grinding and detailing is unique. Each pair will look a little different," Narayan says.

And while the inspiration for the design is 1970s music, these aren't your ex-flower-child's jeans. The leg is slimmer and the denim darker.

"We learned our lesson from the best -- the '70s rocker jeans. But we want to be relevant today," Narayan explains.


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