Push-ups still on tap for Palance

Scottsdale, Ariz. -- At age 84, Jack Palance still likes to show he can do a set of push-ups.

In Scottsdale, Ariz., to be honored at the Festival of the West, Palance dropped to the ground before a small group in a hotel lobby, recalling the one-armed push-ups he did at age 71 during his 1991 Oscar acceptance speech for "City Slickers."

Palance also was showing off a softer side, offering autographs for copies of his new book of poetry and prose, "The Forest of Love." The former coal miner, boxer and World War II pilot said he drew from his life for his poems but didn't really consider himself a poet.

Reflecting on his career, Palance played down winning the Oscar, saying he never had the trophy engraved and doesn't know exactly where it is now.

"It was nice to win, but what the hell, what is it really?" he said. "It's the next job, that's what it is."

Flowers to appeal dismissal

New Orleans -- Gennifer Flowers plans to appeal the dismissal of her lawsuit against two former advisers to President Clinton, saying the judge in the case did not fairly consider it.

"I may just run a little picket line outside the courthouse, because I'm not going to be treated that way," Flowers told The Times-Picayune of New Orleans.

U.S. District Judge Philip M. Pro ruled March 8 that there was no "clear and convincing evidence" that James Carville and George Stephanopoulos acted with malice when they suggested the audiotapes Flowers used to try to prove she and Clinton had an affair had been doctored.

Anchor seeks to help minorities

New York -- Soledad O'Brien is trying to help the next generation of minority women journalists.

The CNN anchor, who was honored Thursday by Ebony magazine, told The Associated Press that she aggressively helped journalists who were coming up the ranks so they would be prepared when the right opportunity came along.

"It's time for us to do our part and make sure that we're helping the next generation of young female journalists come up and fill positions," said O'Brien, host of CNN's "American Morning."

Ebony magazine's annual luncheon honors women who have made important contributions to communications and marketing.

Former Dutch queen dies at 94

Amsterdam, Netherlands -- Former Dutch Queen Juliana, who oversaw the dismantling of the centuries-old Dutch empire and the reconstruction of the Netherlands after World War II during her 32-year reign, died Saturday. She was 94.

Juliana, who gave up public life in 1999 because of her weakening condition, died in her sleep of a lung infection at the royal palace in Soestdijk.

Princess Juliana, who gave up the title of queen when she abdicated in favor of her daughter Beatrix in 1980, spent the last decade of her life in seclusion.


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