PBS offers portrait of new U.S. immigrants

The "Independent Lens" series "The New Americans" (8 p.m., PBS) follows a group of new arrivals over the course of four years as they prepare to leave their old countries, including Mexico, India, Nigeria, Palestine and the Dominican Republic, for the United States. Their backgrounds and motivations are as varied as their languages and faiths.

Ricardo and Jose are Dominican baseball prodigies, highly prized by the Los Angeles Dodgers organization. A computer programmer from Bangalore, India, Anjan arrives in San Francisco as the dot-com boom begins to fizzle. Jose, a meatpacker from Mexico who works in a Kansas slaughterhouse, becomes part of a Latino influx that is changing the complexion of the American heartland. And, after Naima lost two brothers in the Palestinian intifada, she fell in love with a Palestinian-American from Chicago and followed him there.

"The New Americans" tells stories rarely seen on television -- those of the 56 million foreign-born citizens and illegal residents. This marks the highest percentage of foreign-born Americans since the turn of the last century, during the Ellis Island era. The series explores the rise in anti-immigration sentiments that have only increased after the terror attacks of 2001, and the growing uncertainty about American jobs and economic globalization.

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