Video Game Ratings Explained's video game ratings are set up just like a high school or college class. We treat every game like a final project from a student. That being said, it's easy to assume that a 70% from is the same as a "7 out of 10" from another media site since the ratio is the same. That's not necessarily true. Most media that rates on a 10 scale considers the 7 range to be above average. At, a 70% is a C- which is slightly below average. So if a site gave a below average game a 6 out of 10 and we gave it a 70%, we're more than likely on the same page.

So the question remains, then: what about the big "F" range of 0-59%? Any game that receives a 59% or below fails to create any sort of worthy experience. More points get taken off for parts of the game that seem incomplete or incoherent. For instance, a 59% game may barely function as a complete game and a 29% game has major graphical and sound bugs that render those areas technically and literally incomplete. Yes, such low grades are rare but do happen.

A+ 100%

This game has no current rival and sets a new standard in gaming.

A 93-99%

You'll be hard-pressed to find anything better in its genre.

A- 90-92

An excellent effort worthy of praise, but still has room to grow.

B+ 88-89%

A great and satisfying experience, even though there may be something better out there.

B 83-87%

A good game that demonstrates original ideas, even though the execution wasn't perfect.

B- 80-82%

There are enough good elements to outweigh some obvious minor setbacks.

C+ 78-79%

The good points are about even with the bad or unoriginal parts.

C 73-77%

Average game. Not much inspiration in its execution. May satisfy fans of the franchise.

C- 70-72%

There is a chance to still find something good if you are patient enough to weed through the several negatives.

D+ 68-69%

Frustrating to play. The lack of polish in all areas is plainly clear.

D 63-67%

There is nothing good about this game. There is nothing inspired in its design.

D- 60-62%

Barely passable as a functioning game.

F 59% or below

Fails to pull all aspects of production into anything cohesive. Miserable.


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