Review: Mega Man Zero 3 - Game Boy Advance

The best Mega Man in the Zero series.


It seems like the Mega Man games are starting to flow as free as water these days. Mega Man Zero 3 is the latest side-scrolling action entry for the Game Boy Advance and could possibly be the best Mega Man adventure yet.

Yep, MMZ3 follows the same routine. Big levels filled with tons of enemies firing relentlessly as you try to memorize your way through inspired level design. Yep, it's hard just like others in the series. But this marks the first time the Zero series takes it a little easy on the gamer. Well, for a Zero game, anyway.

What sets this iteration apart from the other shoot, upgrade, shoot even bigger adventures is that the bosses are more refined and prolific as ever. None of them are cheap, but deliver authentic challenges and several patterns. These patterns change from boss to boss so that each new fight is just that: new.


Another element of MMZ3 that makes it deeper is that it takes the old system of "must get this weapon before you can do this" element back in true force. You can play most of the levels in the order which you desire, but you must make appropriate choices of what weapon to use when. Add to that the new customization system allows you to fuse certain abilities together to further expand Zero's abilities provides a deep amount of gameplay.

If there was anything to hold against MMZ3, is that its core still feels the same. Certainly there are so many new things to do and is arguably the best in the series, but the basic building blocks remain the same. The graphics are also behind the times, but don't distract from the experience.

Mega Man Zero 3 is my favorite in the series and provides hours of fun. The best part is, it's not just mindless, the levels and battles are pretty cerebral.

Graphics: B

Sound: B

First Play: B

Last Play: B+

Gameplay: B

Overall: 86% B


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