Students say no Moore

Reno, Nev.- The president of the University of Nevada, Reno says "Fahrenheit 9/11" filmmaker Michael Moore "must be allowed to speak" when he visits the campus this week.

Moore's scheduled appearance Wednesday has prompted criticism from Republican student groups and some alumni. In response, UNR President John Lilley has written a letter underscoring the university's commitment to free speech.

"I encourage the students, faculty and community to respect Mr. Moore's right to express his views and to remind others of his right to express them," Lilley wrote last week. "Whatever you think of his views, he is now a guest of the university, and he must be allowed to speak."

Several donors and alumni are upset that the school's student government has rejected their offer of $100,000 to have Moore debate a conservative spokesman during his appearance.

Wifeless at work

Boston - Don't hold your breath for a guest appearance by Michelle Pfeiffer on David E. Kelley's latest TV show.

Kelley, the creator of hits such as "Ally McBeal" and "Boston Public," said his wife could have a role on his new ABC drama, "Boston Legal," only if certain conditions are met.

"She would be great. The trick would be convincing her to ever work with me. Even though I might be able to persuade her that other people are running the show, she might not quite believe that I would completely stay out of the process," he said.

"Boston Legal" stars James Spader and William Shatner as two eccentric lawyers.

On-screen amore

San Francisco - The on-screen romance in "Stage Beauty" could be upstaged by the real romance that ignited on the set between Claire Danes and Billy Crudup.

The film's co-stars were hounded by questions about their relationship at the movie's premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival. The couple offered the standard "no comment" to all questions about their personal lives, the San Francisco Chronicle reported Sunday.

"All I will say is that we work very well together," Danes told the newspaper.

But "Stage Beauty" director Richard Eyre stirred the pot by acknowledging their relationship to Entertainment Weekly magazine. He commented that it was apparent during filming that "these two very intelligent actors, who are witty and attractive, got on very well."

More acts join MTV's Latin VMAs

Heartthrob Chilean rockers La Ley and the dreamy, sophisticated Spanish pop group la oreja de Van Gogh are among the acts added to the lineup of Oct. 21's MTV Video Music Awards Latin America.

Cartel de Santa, an up-and-coming rock band from Monterrey, Mexico; Argentine pop singer Diego Torres; and the explosive, outspoken rap-metal group Molotov will also be on the bill.

The awards will be broadcast live from Miami Beach's Jackie Gleason Theater on MTV Latin America, as well as on MTV2 and MTV Espanol in the United States.


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