'Invisible Man' dramatizes classic science fiction book

It's the rare child who doesn't fantasize about being invisible. Oh the things I could get away with if only no one could see me, little boys and girls imagine.

In "The Invisible Man," a new production based on H.G. Wells' classic 1897 science fiction novel, a young English scientist named Griffin gets to live the dream of generations of children.

But soon after he realizes his obsession with invisibility and renders himself undetectable, Griffin discovers that being unseen is less a blessing than a curse as he's pushed further and further away from Victorian English society until he becomes a hunted specter.

Past Event

The Aquila Theatre Company in H.G. Well's "The Invisible Man"

  • Wednesday, October 27, 2004, 7:30 p.m.
  • Lied Center, 1600 Stewart Drive, KU campus, Lawrence
  • All ages / $11.50 - $28


The Aquila Theatre Company will perform the play -- which, like Wells' works, examines the nature of existence and questions the achievements of science -- at 7:30 p.m. Wednesday.

As one of the fathers of modern science fiction, Wells made predictions about the state of humanity in the face of rapid developments in modern science. His work often inspired dramatic retellings; Orson Welles' chilling fictional reality radio broadcast of "The War of the Worlds" that sent America into a mass panic has become legendary.

Aquila, now the professional company in residence at New York University's Center for Ancient Studies, was founded in 1991 in London by Peter Meineck to present dynamic productions of classical drama. Aquila is committed to an ensemble approach to classical drama designed to free the spirit of the original text through a process of extensive research, practical experimentation and a unified rehearsal process.

The British and American players in the company have honed their theatrical experiences in The Royal Shakespeare Company, The Royal National Theatre, numerous world-class British repertory companies, London's West End, Broadway, off-Broadway and the London and Edinburgh Fringe.

In addition to its public performance of "The Invisible Man," Aquila will present a school-only performance of "Twelfth Night" -- Shakespeare's tale of identical twins, mistaken identity, and love and its effects on human behavior -- on Tuesday at the Lied Center.


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