Scary Story Contest: Samantha Schnittger

While baby-sitting the new neighbors' children for the first time, Katie answered the phone. It was Ed Mc. Man from the publisher clearinghouse sweepstakes. He said that Mr. and Mrs. Folker won 10 million dollars, and they'd be there to deliver the check in 5 minutes. But when Katie mentioned that Mr. and Mrs. Folker were not home, and were actually at the new club Satin Doll, Ed informed her that Mr. and Mrs. Folker will no longer be receiving the money, since they were not home. Then we wished Katie a good day and hung up. She soon called Mr. and Mrs. Folker on their cellies. She informed them of the call from Ed Mc. Man when Mr. and Mrs. Folker heard that they missed out on 10 million dollars, which could easily buy them the mechanical bull they wanted they became furious and hung up the phone.

About an hour later, Katie had the kids in bed an dws watching a special on plastic surgery on T.V. When all of a sudden, she heard a screeching noise on the window. Katie sat up straight in her chair. The screeching noise had stopped. She thought to herself, "I think hearing things' really need a brownie." She got up and went into the kitchen when she went to turn on the light, the bulb shot, and she was left in total darkness. The kitchen had man windows, and a huge screen-glass door. There was a thunderstorm going on, and the lightning flashes kept illuminating the kitchen. As she opened the fridge, the lightning revealed a shadow of a man behind her. But Katie did not see him, she was too preoccupied with a piece of pizza she found, "This will do" she thought to herself. A thunderbolt boomed. She quickly turned around. Noone was there. At least noone that she could see. She went back to the living room and sat eating the pizza on the chair in the dark. There was a knock on the door. When she opened the door, there was no one. All of a sudden she was pushed and locked out of the house! "I guess are home, and don't need me to baby-sit anymore, but shish! They didn't have to throw me out of the house. It's not my fault they weren't home to get the money..." She thought to herself. She got in her car and went home.

- Samantha Schnittger is a Tonganoxie Junior High School student.


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