Scary Story Contest: Loren Thibodeau

While Haley was baby-sitting 2-year-old Nevaeh and 4-year-old Angel for the first time, she wanted to be a cool hip baby-sitter just like any other teen. So she brought each one of the girls a toy to play with until bed. When the time came for bed, Haley put the girls down with a movie to watch until they fell to sleep. When she finally got to watch T.V. and snack on food, the phone rang ...

She was told by the parents not to answer the phone because of multiple bill collectors calling, but she thought ti was her friend Jasmine so she picked it up. "Hello," she heard heavy breathing in the background, "Hello, is anyone there?" Someone finally replied, "If you can only see what I see," and they hung up. Haley just figured it was typical Friday night pranks, so she continued to watch T.V. and pig out. RRINNGG ... "Hello," Oh, if you could only see what I see" "See what?" She replied, "Oh, if you could only see." "This isn't funny. Who is this? Stop playing around." The person continued to breathe heavy. Haley hung up. She started to panic. She tried to call the parents, but nobody answered. The voice mail came on automatically. RRIINNGG ... "Stop calling. Please, what do you want?" "If you could only see what See."

Haley hung up the phone. She tried to call 911, but before she could connect the phone disconnected. Soon after the lights started to go on and off, Haley ran to get a flashlight and turned to see 2-year-old Neveah standing there wanting to know what was gong on. Haley grabbed her. "Let's go." Haley was in so bad of a panic she grabbed her car keys and flew down the road to the nearest payphone there was. The 911 dispatcher asked the problem and who was with her. She named off her and the two girls. Nevaeh spoke to say Angel was not with them. Haley panicked. She hung up the phone, drove as fast as the car would go until she got in front of the house to see 4-year-old Angel running to the street covered head to toe. Not long after she got back, the cops, ambulance and fire trucks covered the street. Angel is steadily screaming, "He's in there, hurry." The cops swarmed the house looking for someone. They walked upstairs in the girls room to see the man who did it all. The mom pulled up not knowing what was going on. She said the dad came to check on everything, but she didn't expect to find her husband as a mad man.


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