Scary Story Contest: Wesley Armstrong

While baby-sitting the new neighbors' children for the first time, Katie answered the phone "hello" "Hi Katie, I just wanted to remind you that Billy's inhaler is by the kitchen sink" "OK Mrs. Orladane, Thank you." Thanks again for baby-sitting on such short notice." "No problem. Good bye" "bye Katie" "Who was that?" asked Billy. "Your Mom telling me where your inhaler is." "OK" "Do you guys want some popcorn while you watch your movie?" "Yeah, the butter kind." "OK, start the movie, it will only take a minute." While Katie warms up the popcorn the kids start the movie. Ding! "It's ready. Here you go" "What are you guys watching?" "The Texas Chain Saw Massacre" "Oh that's a good movie. Are you sure you won't get scared tonight" "I never get scared!" "OK" So they all sat down and watched the movie unknowing that there is a man outside watching their every move. Eeakk Bamp ... the sound of a basement window banging shut after someone slid through it. "What was that?" Billy said. "What was what?" "It sounded like ti was coming from the basement." [Billy] "IT was the movie, don't worry." [baby sitter] A few minutes later ... Ping Crash ... The sound of pots and buckets falling "What was that?" [baby sitter] "I told you I heard something" "Billy lock the basement door." Click

"Put a chair under the knob." "Now back away!" The knob starts to turn "ahaaahahahha" They all start screaming! "hah" a low deep voice laughs "I'm coming for you!" "Billy go lock all the doors and find some bats or something" "I'll look around here" "OK" Bang Ban. The man tries to break the door down, all of a a sudden the man stops. There's no sound anywhere. Billy comes running down with a couple of baseball bats and a broomstick "Here" he says handing her a bat. "Where did he go?" I don't know!" ree "Oh no call the police Katie!" The chain saw starts sawing through the door, wood chips flying everywhere. "Go unlock the front door Billy and get ready to run" "Joe get ready to go with your brother!" "The phone line is dead!" 'Com on" The man just broke through the door as they ran out the front. Chainsaw still going, he runs after them. "Hurry" "Hurry" Bang Bang. ... on the door of the neighbor's house. "Yes can I help you?" came a lady's voice "Yes, please let us in. There is a man chasing us!" "Come in hurry." By then the man was hiding behind some bushes. "Can we use you phone to call the police?" "Yes it's in the kitchen" "Thanks" "Billy and Joe you two wait here!"

Ring Ring "Hello police department, what is your emergency?" "There is a man chasing me with a chainsaw at 204th Street at 267 ... No across the street hurry" "OK ... " The line goes dead. "The line went dead." "What happened? reee "Oh no, what the ...?" "It's him" The chain saw starts sawing through the front door. 'Guys get up stairs I'll take care of this." Said the neighbor. They start to run upstairs when they hear the front door crash open. "Now you stop right uuu..." The man sticks in the chainsaw through the little old lady's chest and rips it up through her head. "Oh my god... hurry kids hurry" They ran up the stairs and locked the bedroom door and start to push things up against the door. The man starts to saw through the door. They hear a siren and the chainsaw stops "This is the police, come out with your hands up!"

Narrate' the ending

The chainsaw man got away and still has yet to be found. Katie and the children explained everything to their parents. Katie was thanked for saving their children and is aloud to baby-sit anytime she wants to. But do you think she will? Do you think the parents will go out after dark?

- Wesley Armstrong is a Tonganoxie Junior High School student.


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