Scary Story Contest: D.J. Gray

While baby-sitting for the neighbors' children for the first time when the phone rang, Katie answered suspecting it was the parents checking up on her, but when she answered the phone a very raspy voice answered. Katie was startled by the voice and asked who it was and the voice said you're going to die.

Katie was very frightened by this so she called the cops and they said that they were on their way. All shd could think about is where that call came from but then she remembered about the caller ID she picked up the phone and looked for it and she was shocked to find that came from inside the house. Katie got th etwo kids and took them downstairs. About 10 minutes later she heard a siren of a police car pull up to the driveway she was relieved when she heard him walk through the door then he opened the downstairs door it was a very deep silence.

Then she heard a sound like somebody was choking on something, then it sounded like a sack of potatoes hitting the ground. She turned on her flashlight and turned it on and Katie shocked in horror couldn't believe it that it was the decapitated head of someone she screamed. Then she heard something that sounded like it was going through the air. Then all the kis could hear was the sound of someone choking.

- D.J. Gray is a Tonganoxie Junior High School student.


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