Scary Story Contest: Kelly Holton

While baby-sitting the new neighbors' children for the first time, Katie answered the phone. The person said you are home alone baby-sitting aren't you? Katie answered, Yes, I am. Why are you asking? I am asking you because I'm outside watching you through the window. Katie says, Oh, you are, huh? Katie, yes I am! Make the kids go to sleep I want to come in the house and talk to you!

The kids are asleep now you can come in. Oh yes, I'm coming in. Here sit down at the table I'll be there in a minute. Do you want some coffee? Yes Katie I do. Hang on, how do you know my name? I was outside the whole time remember? Yes I do. Dude so how do you know my name? I heard the kids calling you by Katie before you put them to bed. Yeah but Katie could just be my nickname! I'm pretty sure that Katie is your real name. Well it is you guessed it right.

So Katie where did you put the kids to sleep at? They're upstairs in one bedroom. Wait! What is your name? Well, it is Jack. OK, so why do you want to go upstairs? I want to ask the kids some questions. What kind of questions? The same kind I asked you. Jack come here, you can't ask them any questions! Well why not, Katie? You can't because they're only like three and four they won't understand what you are saying to them. Too bad Katie I'm going anyways. No you're not! Yes I am and you can't stop me! Fine, go and ask them some questions!

Jack had gone upstairs to ask the kids some questions. Katie had decided to call the police. Ring, ring, ring, ring hi can I help you? Why yes you can! I would like to report a break-in. Can I have your first and last name, your address, and your phone number? Yes you can, I live on 506th St., Tonganoxie, KS 55064. My name is Katie Running. We will be there as soon as we can. Great, the cops are here! Hi, I have a reported break-in. Where is this person? He is upstairs first door on the left. Hey, thanks Katie we have been looking for this guy for a while.

The police arrested Jack just before he was gong to kill the kids. I had saved the kids just before he was going to kill the kids. I had saved the kids just in time. It ended up being a happy ending except that the kids had their pants scared off.

- Kelly Holton is a Tonganoxie Junior High School student.


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