Scary Story Contest: Justin Moss

While baby-sitting the new neighbors' children for the first time, Katie answered the phone. Just when she said hello ... There was nothing but what sounded like singing only very softly. After about one minute of trying to quiet down the children so she could hear what it was saying, the other end hung up. Just as it hung up she felt as if cold sand was trickling down her warm spinal cord. She wasn't even paying attention to the patient kids quietly awaiting her answer as to why she was acting like a "demonized zombie." Right then was where it all happened.

When Katie finally came to, she found she had been asleep for several minutes on the couch. Though mysterious as to shy she was asleep on the couch, her first worry was the location of the kids. For the next 5 minutes she would act as the bull and the children would act as the red piece material. She raced and rumbled through the scattered house when she found the children peacefully sleeping in the parents' huge triple king size bed. As she awoke them she heard the phone ring down stairs many times, she mad her way back downstairs and answered the phone. It was the same caller who called earlier in the day. This time she could hear what they were singing. They were whispering the melody of "Mary Had a Little Lamb."

She suddenly tried to accuse this as Jimmy Fife at school who always likes to prank Katie, but his voice was too deep and mature to be that of Jimmy's. So she immediately hung up the phone scared of what was going to slip out of its mouth next. Just when she did the door bell rang and it sounded like "Mary Had a Little Lamb" only with the sound of one chime. She was frightened to answer it so she went up above the door to a window and looked down to a male who was wearing a hoodie.

Right then the kids got around to following the scent of Katie's new perfume and found her looking out the window. They asked her what she was doing. She answered with wide eyes and commanded them to get flour and water. They followed her orders and handed her a bag of flour and a pale of water. She told the kids the plan and they got into place. As she counted to four the kids opened the door and splashed water on to the male at the door. Following the water splash Katie from up above dropped a pound of flour on the guy. After that rude awakening he lifted up his hood and revealed his milky face. It was Katie's brother Michael. He had planned this for days but instead of him succeeding she did in return.

Of course he was grounded for days and he was not to leave his parents house, it was all worth it in his mind. Nothing is like getting a good scare out of a little sister who is extremely frightened and jumpy.

- Justin Moss is a Tonganoxie Junior High School student.


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