Scary Story Contest: Emilie Padgett

That was the best trick-or-treating ever, I thought I entered our front door. Eventhough my vampire outfit was damp, I didn't remember it raining. I had just dumped out all my candy on my bedroom floor to count it when my mom told me it was time for bead.

After a nice bubblebath I climbed into bed but stayed awake for I don't know how long. I slept soundly until ...

I was trick or treating with my friends and we had our Halloween bags with us and we were dressed in our costumes. I was a vampire, Abby was an angel, Lilly was a dveil, Kendra was a diva. Ilham was a cheetah, Megan was a witch and Kelsey was a movie star.

We were walking down a dark road along the edge of Loon Lake. Our legs wer tired and a cold winid blew leaves around our feet. Our bags were almost full of candy. "What time is it?" groaned Abby. "It's 10:30," said Ilham. Wow. It was getting late.

Finally we could see the house the house in a clearing up a head. This was our last house to trick-or-treat. The old house sat on wooden stilts above the lake. I hope that house never falls into the lake, I thought worriedly. People said that if someone ever fell into Loon Lake they were doomed, especially if they had just eaten. In the lake are loon snakes and if you go into Loon Lake after you have eaten and don't wait an hour, they can smell the food and will eat you.

We knocked on the door and knocked again. It opened. We peeked inside. It was dark. "Hello, Hello," we shouted. But nobody was there. We stepped inside and looked around. It looked like they didn't even know it was Halloween. One room was the library and the shelves were filled with books. BOOM! We jumped and someone screamed. We saw a bolt of lightning outside the window.

We all started talking. "What time is it?" Megan asked. "I don't know," I said. "My watch is gone." "My mom told me to be back by midnight and now she is going to be furious with me because I won't be home on time," Kendra wailed. We all laughed.

BOOM. BOOM. More streaks of lightning. We screamed "I'm scared," someone cried. "I'm scared," we all yelled. Then all of a sudden the house began to rock back and forth and we fell to the floor. When we got up we were all in tears. It began to rain very hard.

What is going to happen to us? We all wondered. We kept crying. The house started rocking back and forth again. We fell again. Megan hit her head ont he bookshelf. A book fell and hit Abby. The lights went out and a lamp fell and broke into a hundred pieces. Then a table fell. The house kept rocking and came tumbling toward us. We jumped to our feet. We were crying so hard and the tears were gushing out so fast that the carpet was getting soaked.

All of a sudden, the house jerked to the right. Then there was a cracking sound. We looked down. The floor was breaking apart and the wooden stilts were splitting. We were screaming and shivering. We were falling, into the cold dark water. We kept falling and falling, deeper and deeper into the depths of Loon Lake and it didn't stop.

Emilie. Emilie! Wake up. Wake up. I heard a voice call. Where am I? I mumbled. "You're in your bed, silly goose," mom said. I told my mom that I had just had the worst nightmare of my life. "You can tell me all about it at breakfast," she said. So I told her. Then I called all my friends and told them, too. But strangely, they all replied that they had that same dream, too. And for the rest of our lives we will wonder ... If it really happened.

- Emilie Padgett is a fourth-grader at Hillcrest School.


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