Scary Story Contest: Miranda Colombel

Katie just turned 14 and just got a job from the new neighbors a couple of miles down. They had two kids, 2-year-old Kyle and 4-year-old Haylee. She's baby-sitting at their house all by herself because her friend Jessica couldn't make it over. Their house was miles from everything or anyone. She got there around 7 p.m. because their parents were going partying for the night. She fed them dinner and let them play for a little while. Finally they wore themselves out and fell asleep.

Katie was opening the many doors letting a nice warm breeze through the house. She was dozing off on the couch when the phone rang. Katie jumped up; it was 12:00 a.m. She answered the phone "hello." Have you locked all the doors yet?" "Who's calling this isn't funny; don't call back!" Katie ran to every door frantically. She slammed the doors shutting and locking them. She then ran to all the windows. The phone rang again. She walked over and picked it up. "Hello." "Why did you hang up on me I just wanted to talk?" "Please just stop calling and leave me alone." "I can tell you what you're wearing I wouldn't hang up on me!" "What do you want?" "Tell me where do the kids sleep; are their parents due back anytime soon?" "Yes they're do back any time." Katie knew she had to do something quick! "I don't think you should call anymore. Leave me alone."

Katie ran to the kids room and brought them in the living room. Katie then tried calling home; no one answered; she then tried calling 911 and the phone disconnected. Katie frantically looked for the spare car keys. Once she found them she slowly checked the house with a baseball bat. She couldn't find anyone. Then grabbing Halee first she ran to the car; threw her in and when she turned back Kyle was gone! Katie screamed and screamed for help but no one heard. She knew she had to get out of there while she was still alive. She started the car and sped away. Haylee screamed and cried the whole way.

Finally getting to a phone, Katie called 911. They said to sit tight and they were on the way. They arrive. They asked many questions. They called Katie's parents, too The cops had to take Haylee in custody with them. They told them they would get back to them in a couple of days. It was the worst couple of days ever.

They finally called. They told Katie's parents that they found Kyle in the hallway dead. He had been strangled. The man left a lot of clues and the cops found him shortly after. He confessed to everything. He was the kid's father that was put in jail for murder and just got out. The people she thought were their parents were their older cousins. He confessed that he was going to kill all 3 but with Katie's fast-thinking she saved her and Haylee's life. I also told them he had been hiding in the hall closet the whole time peeking out the whole time.

- Miranda Colombel is a Tonganoxie Junior High School student.


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