Scary Story Contest: Donald Dyster

While baby-sitting the new neighbors' kids for the first time the phone rang ... finally after what seemed to be five minutes Katie answered the phone. "Hello" she said, but all she could hear was deep slow breathing, then she heard a loud ear-splinting laugh very evil and menacingly. At that precise moment the very things leading up to this flashed right before her eyes as if they were to be the last things she would ever remember.

On the morning of Halloween (several hours before she would come over to watch the neighbors' kids) the neighbors came to Katie's house to reply to the ad in the newspaper. At once Katie knew what they wanted and said gladly, "I'd love to watch your children for a while you are out, but could I bring a few of my friends." "Yes" the neighbors said kindly. So at about a quarter to six they headed up to the top of the street, and down the next one, due to their very punctual short attention span they had never noticed the house before but it wasn't a house but a big and beautiful mansion.

Once there the neighbors left without the slightest clue of where the kids were. That was shortly resolved after following the noise they discovered where the kids were. So after making their interdictions the kids James, Jenny followed their baby-sitters (Katie, John and Brittany) into the living room. ...

Katie knew it was the end no matter what the person on the phone said. "I know you are all alone with no one around you but kids." Said the voice "Who are you?" said the Katie on the verge of tears. Then a less evil more calming laugh came from the speaker "my dear child you talk as if GOING TO DIE!" After that Katie hung up worried of what might happen, with sweat running down her face Katie told the two kids to stay with her or one of her friends.

At once they heard a scream and what seemed to be the noise of breaking glass. Katie and the others went to see what went wrong. When they got there they saw two things: John lying on the ground and a broken glass jar. For a second time the phone rang only before they could answer it more dolls broke and more screams were heard.

When they reached the stairs to the children's room they could see that on their way to their room the kids were hit head on by two swinging axes, but unknown to them there was a cloaked figure emerging from behind them and said "You two are next" which was in the most uncanny resemblance of the voice that was on the phone. Too quick for Katie and Brittany the figure was gone in a flash of lightning.

Now all alone both Katie and Brittany were wondering when he would get them. So to stay together and make sure that man does not get them they hold hands while they are walking down the hallway. Once out they made their way to the phone to call the police, but the phoneline was cut. So they sat there waiting for their doom to fall upon them. At first, it was just 10 minutes but then it started to become longer until ...

In the blink of an eye the hooded man fell to the floor with a bloody knife ready for the final move, but he stopped Katie and Brittany could not believe what they were seeing they thought for sure this would be the end. Nay the man just stood there for a second or two, then rose to full height and drew the knife above his head to finish what he started. By that time Katie was sure of what he would do so she lunged at him with fell force and what a collision it was. The man hit the floor so hard the knife fell right out of his hand. Once on the floor Brittany went for the knife, raised it and then it happened the knife fell through Katie's body. "That should finish it" were the last things heard.


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