Scary Story Contest: Eric Hart

While baby-sitting the new neighbors' children for the first time, Katie answered the phone. The voice was low and talked slowly. It was like no voice she had ever heard.

The voice said, "Hello Katie, having fun yet? They say people have fun before they die." The voice sounded fake and almost like a child's.

Katie thought it was a prank call until she heard a knock at the door. She cautiously opened the door and looked out. Nothing was there. She heard some rustling behind a bush. All of a sudden a man pops out and stands there tall.

"Hello, Katie. Did you have fun? I'll need you to baby-sit tomorrow."

Yeah, I had fun. I'll be here same time."

She instantly suspected him of the call. The next day she came back to the house to baby-sit. She got the same phone call as yesterday. This time though, she heard a noise in the house. She quickly hung the phone up and ran to the kitchen. She noticed that two of the knives were missing.

She heard the noise again. This time in the living room. She slowly walked in there and saw the dad, Kyle, standing there holding a knife.

"Kyle, what are you doing home?"

He was cut across the chest and looked like head seen a ghost. He then stared at Katie for the longest time. Then, he raised the knife as to throw it in fear. Katie closed her eyes and screamed as the knife was thrown. She couldn't feel anything, so she opened her eyes and turned around. There he was, one of the kids she was baby-sitting, Adam, with a knife in his hand, and in his gut.

Kyle then slowly muttered, "I got off work early and decided to surprise you when I heard Adam making a call to you. I was worried he wasn't kidding. Adam then pulled a knife out on me and slashed me. I ran and grabbed a knife and he was gone. I came out the living room and then there you were coming in with Adam behind you. But, I'm sure he had fun."

- Eric Hart is a Tonganoxie Junior High School student.


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