Scary Story Contest: Louisa Holland

Katie's World

While baby-sitting the new neighbor's children for the first time, Katie answered the phone. Of course, it was Dottie. Dottie always wanted to talk. Dottie never ran out of ideas. She was very interesting. However, she wanted to talk about the kids Katie was baby-sitting.

"Are they good?" Dottie wanted to know. "Sweet or sour? Weird or cool?" "Well", Katie said, they are good and a little weird. Oh, by the way, their names are Mia and Parker. I got to go. See ya." Dottie put down the telephone on its hook. So did Katie.

Katie went to the living room to play with Mia and Parker. However, they were not there. "Keep calm" Katie told herself. She went to the basement door and opened it. Katie shouted "Mia! Parker!" There was no answer. "Oh no!" Katie cried. She ran upstairs. Katie looked around her room. No sign of the kids. Katie ran down to the telephone. She pushed the nine, the one and another one. Katie was calling 911. After a few rings, someone picked up the telephone. "Hi, I'm Peter Winds. How can I help you?" 'I lost my kids I was baby-sitting. Can you help me Peter?" "I will send the Halloween Hospital" Peter said. He hung up the telephone.

Katie hurried to the door. Then she saw an ambulance. But not just any ambulance. It was a spooky ambulance. Then the driver came out of car. The driver opened the door and out came Mia and Parker! They had black blood going down their necks. "Get Her!" said the Frankenstein Police. Katie ran away. However, a ghost caught her. The ghost put Katie in the ambulance. Then the car started up. They were on the way to the hospital! "Help!", Katie shouted. But was no use. Soon they were at the hospital. Katie was put in the blood testing room. "You have to give us some blood!" the ghost nurse laughed. "No!" Katie shouted. She shoved a tray at them. Katie ran so fast down the hall. Then she saw a match. Katie lighted it and ran out of the building. After an hour, the Halloween Hospital was gone. Katie had saved the day! Katie went home. Better yet, when she got there, Mia and Parker were there. They were back to normal. "Relax," Katie said. And that day she learned her lesson - never leave kids alone. Katie would never forget the Halloween Hospital.

- Louisa Holland is a third-grader at Prairie Park Elementary.


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