Scary Story Contest: Corey Jansen

While baby sitting the neighbors' children for the first time, Katie answered the phone. After that night Katie will realize that she will never be able to talk again. Anyway it was a quiet night at the Youghans house until the phone rang for the first time that night and of course, Katie had to answer it because she is the only one who can. She picks up 'hello' 'hello.'

"Do you have a friend Jenna?"


"Well not anymore you don't."

"What have you done to her."

"Oh, nothing really, just slapped her a few times, that's all."

"I am coming for you next, so you better watch out and stay close to those kids too."

After that phone call Katie was so shaken up from the phone call, so she called 911 and of course she was so shaken up and frantic the police did not believe her so they thought it was a joke. After the phone call, Katie was so messed up she did not know what to do so she sat and watched T.V.

News brief: Young Jenna Smith, of the age of only 14, was pronounced dead after her friend called 911 and said she got a phone call from some man saying that he was going to kill her and anyone else in that house. After that she was sick to her stomach, so she had to go to the bathroom. While she was in there she heard something outside. They did not have a dog, so that's why she went out to see what it was. When Katie got outside, she did not see or hear any noises. When she got back inside it was time for her favorite TV show, "That 70s Show." She thought that it might make her calmer, so she watched it. After the show was over she was hungry again. When she was eating she heard the door open really slowly. Katie, Katie wake up. You were sleeping. Oh I was, yes. When the parents went to check on the kids Katie was confused. So when the parents got back downstairs she told them that she had the worst dream and that it was realistic.

- Corey Jansen is a Tonganoxie Junior High School student


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