Scary Story Contest: Kayla Kappel

While baby sitting the new neighbors for the first time, Katie answered the phone.

It was her mom, she said she was going to go out for the night. "Call me if you need anything. I will have my cell on at all times."

Katie said, "OK, mom, I know we have been through this before."

"All right I was just telling you so you would now. Have a good time."

She says "is that all you wanted to tell me is to call you on your cell?"

They said their goodbyes. Click. The phone was hung up. Katie went back into the kitchen. The phone rings again.

She says "What is it this time, Mom?" The person on the phone says "this is not your mom." Katie says "Who is this?" the person on the other line says nothing.

Katie says "Where are you? Who are you?" Still no answer. Then the person on the phone says that they are in the house. But they do not say who it is. Katie hangs up the phone. She goes to check on the kids to see if one of them are playing a trick on her. She then called her mom. Her mom told her that she would be there in a few minutes. Katie said "No. If they call back I will all you. I promise."

The person called back and said "who is this?" They did not answer her question. Katie yelled into the phone, "I do not know who this is but it is not funny." The person on the phone said that they were outside the house. Katie told the kids to go hide in the bathroom and look yourself in. She told them she would do a special knock on the door to let them know it was her knocking on the door.

Katie went outside and her friend jumped out of the bush and yelled, "I got you." Katie slapped her friend and said "that was not funny" so Katie called her mom and told her that it was her friend who was calling, not to worry anymore and that should we be fine.

- Kayla Kappel is a Tonganoxie Junior High School student.


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