Scary Story Contest: Blossom Kyle

While baby-sitting the new neighbors' children for the first time, Katie answered the phone. And it was a deep voiced person saying he was 3 miles away from her house and the neighbor's house was a very small house, only four rooms - two bedrooms and one with a bathroom and a kitchen.

They can't hide anywhere because there is absolutely nowhere to hide. Katie screamed and wondered who it could be. She grabbed three-year-old James and 2-year-old Michelle and ran to a bush in the backyard.

Then she heard a knock on the door and went to the peephole and saw a man with a suitcase and black gloves on. She was about to ask who was it, then the phone rang and she answered it. The same man who had called 5 minutes ago, said I am outside your door. I know you're home. Now let me in.

She said no and slammed the phone down and then she ran to the back door and saw the same person only a woman with white gloves and a large purse.

She said get off of this property or I will call the police and she went running to the phone and tried to dial but the phone line was dead. She just wanted to grab the children and run to a neighbor's house, but she couldn't because she was trapped. When she ran outside she saw the kids tied up to trees that were very near a fire. She was running trying to find a way to stop them and then she found the perfect thing.

A large purse with plastic rhinestones on it. She was about to smack the woman with it until she realized that it was a prank and she tried to pull the purse away from her grip, only she slapped her with her glove which had blades on it and she had little cuts on her face she had tears rolling down her face and she had the blood mixed in with the tears.

The little kids were screaming. She had to be brave and she was about to scream also but then she heard a neighbor scream oh my god! The murders from Junction City, Kansas they lived in Manhattan, Kansas. She heard police sirens and then the murders were arrested and no one, not even Katie's mom and dad knew that she had a chance of being murdered.

She never told a soul about that incident. It was not on the news or anything she asked the neighbors to keep it a secret. She never got asked how the scrape got on her face, but it never healed. James and Michelle grew up without even knowing that they almost got murdered.

- Blossom Kyle is a Hillcrest School student.


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