Scary Story Contest: Tyler Sparks

While baby-sitting the new neighbors' children for the first time, Katie answered the phone. It was the parents saying they were caught in a storm and will be running a little late. As soon as she put the phone down, a clash of thunder shook the house. Katie ran up the stairs to find the kids were nowhere. Ten seconds later the power goes out.

The kids, Sharon and Derek, came up behind her and grabbed her. So Katie, Derek and Sharon went down to find the radio and turn it on. Katie listens to hear that a tornado is in her area. The three run downstairs to find the basement was flooded. So they sit on the steps, but the water kept rising.

Then they heard the house started to really shake. After they heard the door fly open and then Katie went to go see who or what it was. It was the children's parents, but the house was getting picked up. Then the house flew through the air and was thrown 400 yards from the basement. The next morning, they were all OK except their house. That's why you never want to come from the basement when a twister is coming.

Tyler Sparks is a Tonganoxie Junior High School student.


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