Scary Story Contest: Ben Stevens

While baby-sitting the new neighbors' children for the first time, Katie answered the phone and heard a wheezy voice screech I'm in the basement. Katie hung up the phone and ran upstairs to make sure the kids were OK, when she saw that they were OK she decided the call was probably just a prank and didn't think about it anymore until a few hours later when the lights began to flicker on and off, and a voice screamed "I'm in the basement and I'm coming up" Katie screamed and ran to call 911 but when she picked up the phone it was dead, she ran to the kids room, grabbed them and pulled them into the closet. The lights continued to flicker and the voice again cried out "I'm in the basement and I'm coming up" Kate panicked, and decided the only way they could survive was to crawl out the window, onto the roof, and down the trellis, then run to her house and call the police. The plan sounded good to her but there was only one problem, the kids, they were too scared so she put them in the closet and covered them in clothes then jumped onto the roof, but just as she was getting ready to climb down she heard the voice cry out "I'm in the kids room and I'm getting on the roof" she heard the kids scream but the sound was quickly choked out, and was replaced by the killers' hideous screeching laugh. Katie decided to forget about it and get to the phone. when she finally got to the phone she quickly dialed 911. When the cops finally got there they stormed into the house, saw the killer and shot him 37 times, he was dead before he hit the ground, the two kids' funerals were held the following Tuesday. Noone ever trusted Katie to baby-sit again.

- Ben Stevens is a Tonganoxie Junior High School student.


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