Scary Story Contest: Alyssa Walters

While baby-sitting the neighbors' children for the first time, Katie answered the phone and said hello, but noone answered, so she hung up. Five minutes later the same someone called her again, only this time someone spoke. The mystery person said "I'm coming for you." She quickly hung up and ran into where Jason and Jordan were playing and told them that a person called and said they were coming for them. The twins quickly set down their toys and were ready to fix up the house with tricks.

After the house was fixed up with tricks they went back to the living room to calm themselves and be ready for war. Then all of a sudden they heard a knock on the door. They knew it couldn't be their parents because they said they wouldn't be home until 11 o'clock. Quickly they went to face the door. The door handle started to shake and for a minute they thought he would get in. Then just as quickly as it had started all noise stopped.

They stood there for five minutes grateful he hadn't got in. Then someone tapped on Katie's shoulder. She turned around slowly to see a guy in a clown suit with a silver sickle. The clown guy was actually an insane clown that had escaped from a mental testing facility. Needless to say they all died. The clown also killed the parents and ran for the border. He succeeded in getting to Mexico. Now noone knows his whereabouts.

- Alyssa Walters is a Tonganoxie Junior High School Student


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